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At Crinkles and Crackles LLC, each order is small batch baked and sealed to preserve the maximum flavor and freshness from our home kitchen in Southern California, to your blissful moment. We strive to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings with every bite.

Meet Patissier Sophia

President, Crinkles and Crackles LLC

Sophia at 2017 Pop-Up Event with members of Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce


Patissier Sophia began her Culinary & Pastry career in 2006 creating custom cakes and desserts. With a heavy culinary influence from her mother, growing up in Northern California, she loved the art of food and diverse flavors, but especially fell in love with all things sweet! Her mothers recipes for cakes, cookies, pastries, and other delicacies inspired Sophia to bake at a young age, which has since flowed into her career. She has many recipes inspired by her childhood favorites, which are captured in her art of baking.

In 2014, Sophia operated Enchanted Delights, where they specialized in custom dessert tables and cakes. Although her work featured desserts of all types, her favorite and specialty are Crackles. She wanted to create flavors that were unique, which were inspired by her childhood favorites, and she's had much success in doing so.  In 2016, Patissier Sophia launched Crinkles & Crackles as a Pop up, which buzzed in 2017 where she partnered with celebrity chefs, exclusive restaurant events and charity fundraisers in Los Angeles, CA. She has since catered for celebrities, production companies and events of all sizes, with her largest being 2000 guests.

Outside of her passion for baking, Sophia spends much of her time advocating and spreading awareness for those living with chronic autoimmune diseases. Sophia has been battling an autoimmune illness for over a decade, and has made it a part of her purpose to educate others about the challenges many face, which are often overlooked, misdiagnosed, and lack research or cures. 

Crinkles and Crackles is committed to providing resources and education to those in our space who are impacted by autoimmune disabilities.


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